Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media is a book written by Liz Lamoreux, that explores the value of of producing personal documentaries using photography, creative writing and collage. Her book is partly a journal and practically a companion that underscores the significance of using photography and words to represent daily journeys.


Lamoreux offers a variety of suggestions to record moments and scenes from everyday life. She encourages the making of photo journals as a way to record the significance of taken for granted experiences. Self-portraits are used throughout her journeys, as are ambient surroundings, which range from walks in nature to walks along city streets. Each chapter offers a selection of ideas to document daily walking travels. The book offers a structured approach to understanding walking as a way to map out our encounters with everyday spaces. Lamoreux underlines the significance of the common place, the important details of our daily environments as those spaces worthy of representation. The lines of our feet, draw out the pictures of our encounters with places and people. Lamoreux encourages us to both re-trace familiar pathways and to go off-course to discover new routes of travel.

The following are some of Lamoreux’s ideas for personal photography, which could be adapted to art therapy, particularly as a way to encourage the practice of making photography based journals to accompany daily activities.

Liz Lamoreux’s Ideas for Photo Excursions

1. Scenes from A Day: Take Photos of Moments in an Ordinary Day

2. Take Photos of Who and What Inspires You: Music, Books, Places, People, Objects, Environments

3. Photo Series: Take A Series of Photos and Discover their Common Thread

(Pick a specific walk, time frame, subject, or location, and focus on creating a series of photographs related to your theme)

4. Walking as Ritual: Take a Reflective Walk with Your Camera and Focus on both Familiar and Unfamiliar Places

5. Mixed Media Collage: Using Photos and Words create a Personal Collage


Photograph of Liz Lamoreux

6. Photography of the Senses: Take Photos of What you See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Feel and then Write Down the Effects of these Experiences on Body, Mind and Heart

7. Explore with your Camera the following: The Colours of your Morning, the Shapes of your Day, the Textures of your Weekend, the Sounds of a Moment, the Smells of your Evening

8. Gather Objects that are Part of your Life, Assemble and Photograph them. Write Down Words to Describe these Objects

9. Create a Visual Journal including Photographs, Words, Poems, Stories, and Found Materials

10.  Take Photographs of Where you Stand in Life: Create a Series of Portraits of Your Feet and the Ground Around Them

11. Sharing Portraits: Take Photographs of Friends and Family, Ask to be Photographed, Talk About the the Photos Together

liz workshop collage YS14

Photo: Liz Lamoreux Photo Journals