Hands On

October 25, 2015

IMG_1687_2 IMG_1688

IMG_1657_2 IMG_1658_2 Hand in hand, a duet of movement and an improvised collaboration prior to marking impressions upon paper. The beginning of art therapy as physical contact between service users with physical disabilities and their carers. The emphasis is upon co-creation and expressive impulses that are not pre-determined, but rather spontaneous occasions of connection. Hands that explore, caress, and evoke a silent companionship between two people who usually know each other ‘professionally’.

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A hands-on relationship that extends range and dimensions of communication, when words are not the primary means of conversation. The evocation of identities that examine each other through a range of shapes and effort qualities. The photographs along with the artworks are displayed as a way to highlight moving moments. Bringing together the sensations and fascination of touch, moving together, coming apart, and holding as experiences that allow two people to get to know each other differently. Particularly moving dimensions of relationship and coordinates possible within close proximity. The resulting documentation of the improvised hand dances are exhibited as a starting point for the next collaboration between staff and service users. The intimacy of each encounter, and the artistry of each moment is welcomed within the schedules and duties of care.