Raw Material 11: Sheila Hicks, Material Voices

June 11, 2016

“American artist Sheila Hicks has redefined the role of fibre in art and influenced a generation of contemporary artists with her interdisciplinary visual language.’ (Sheila Hicks, Material Voices, Textile Museum of Canada, October 6, 2016-February 5, 2017).



hicks .jpg

In 1964 when I was leaving  Mexico, I had to pack compactly because I had accumulated many things and of course many things that I should have just thrown away, but I thought I want to take them with me. How am I going to manage? So I began compacting in the packing. My daughter’s clothes that she no longer wore; she was only four or five years old but she had outgrown a lot of things. I didn’t want to lose them. Bits and fragments of textiles I had been collecting in Mexico, but didn’t have any particular use for…As I started to wrap them it was intriguing to be able to add colours and threads and thoughts and memories together. And I also knew that if I could remember which one was which one I could unwrap it in case I wanted to unwrap it someday. So that is how this began, this process of wrapping memories and wrapping relics, things like little memory balls. (Sheila Hicks, Material Voices Exhibition, Textile Museum of Canada)

Sheila Hicks http://www.sheilahicks.com

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