The Walking Studio of Contrasts

Two contrasting walks in different parts of Ireland—Antrim Castle Gardens in Northern Ireland and the village of Chapelizod in Dublin located in the valley of the River Liffey. Two walkers on different paths.

“Walking is finding an impromptu studio in a place you never expected. Marking territory. Remembering. Picking up things. Making eye contact. A walk is never the same twice. Writing notes to self. Losing one’s way. Talking to yourself. A chat with a stranger. Going with the unexpected. Being surprised by what you find. Marking the journey with objects, the milestones of moments. Unexpected encounters. The desire to be in a new situation. Be somewhere different. Revisiting the past. Caught up with what’s going on. Making do. Taking the long way home. Getting as far away from home as possible. Being curious. Nonchalant. Indecisive. Having a route mapped out. Going off course. Letting things happen. Every so often taking a rest. Time-out. In between places. Both lingering and counting steps. Not knowing what’s around the corner” (Pamela Whitaker)

“Musing takes place in a kind of meadowlands of the imagination, a part of the imagination that has not yet been plowed, developed, or put to any immediately practical use…time spent there is not work time, yet without that time the mind becomes sterile, dull, domesticated. The fight for free space — for wilderness and public space — must be accompanied by a fight for free time to spend wandering in that space.” 
― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

“Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go.” 
― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

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Clotworthy House in the Antrim Gardens, Northern Irealand
Antrim Castle Gardens: Large Parterre, Her Ladyship’s Pleasure Garden and Yew Tree Pond
The village of Chapelizod in Dublin

A river is a flow of life and a route of passage

A walk by the Tolka River in Dublin with a history dating back to the Bronze Age, Vikings, the Middle Ages, and in the 18th century the location of a village named Cardiffsbridge noted for its prominent mill and ironworks. There were also several castles and tower houses located in the area and there is a legend that St. Patrick once roamed and blessed the surrounding landscape. The Tolka is the second largest river in Dublin, and this walk along a river bank was accompanied by early morning sun transforming frost to spring growth.

It was the sound of the river that led me somewhere else in myself. The line of the river offered direction and motion.

river, waterway, stream, brook, tributary, inlet, rivulet, channel, creek, course, estuary